Our tubes are made from 100% high grade Natural Rubber and are designed to fit motorcycle tyres at maximum volume, so they’re under the least amount of stress (not stretched and thin when inflated).

The raw material we use is #1 Smoked Rubber sheet, which stretches like a surgical glove and can be compressed under load without splitting. This is super important for avoiding pinch flats.

Many tubes are made of Butyl (synthetic) rubber which is artificial and lacks the natural characteristics, the stretching and compressing capabilities of natural rubber, meaning that when butyl tube punctures, they tend to split and tear (and are almost impossible to patch/repair – not what you want when you’re miles from home).

Natural rubber tubes repair and patch easily and are a must for long distance riding. They aren’t cheap, but they aren’t expensive for what you get.

4mm Uber - Ultra Heavy Duty Tube
- 4mm ultra heavy duty.
- Specifically Designed for Desert, Safari & Enduro racing

Code Description
TUU18-110-140 4MM UBER DUTY- 4.00,5.00X18
TUU18-100-110 4MM UBER DUTY- 3.25,3.50,3.75X18
TUU19-100-110 4MM UBER DUTY- 3.00,3.25,3.50X19
TUU16-90 4MM UBER DUTY- 3.00,3.25,3.50X16
TUU21-80-90 4MM UBER DUTY- 3.00,3.25X21
TUU19-70 4MM UBER DUTY- 2.50,2.75X19
TUU17-70 4MM UBER DUTY- 2.50,2.75X17
TUU14-60-90 4MM UBER DUTY- 2.50,2.75,3.00X14
TUU17-130-150 4MM UBER DUTY 130/80 140/80 150/70 4.50 X 17
TUU18-150-170 4MM UBER DUTY 150/80 150/70 -18 5.00 X 18 SV - STRAIGHT VALVE
TUUOV18-150-170 4MM UBER DUTY 150/80 150/70 -18 5.00 X 18 OV - OFFSET VALVE

3mm - Heavy Duty Racing Tube

- 3mm thick - heavy duty.
- Specifically designed for intense MX racing.

Code Description
TUH18-110-140 3MM Heavy Duty- 4.00,5.00X18
TUH18-100-110 3MM Heavy Duty- 3.25,3.50,3.75x18
TUH19-100-110 3MM Heavy Duty- 3.00,3.25,3.50x19
TUH16-90 3MM Heavy Duty- 3.00,3.25,3.50x16
TUH21-80-90 3MM Heavy Duty- 3.00,3.25x21
TUH19-70 3MM Heavy Duty- 2.50,2.75x19
TUH17-70 3MM Heavy Duty- 2.50,2.75x17
TUH14-60-90 3MM Heavy Duty- 2.50,2.75,3.00x14

1.6mm - Standard Series Tube

- 1.6mm thick - stronger than most rival heavy-duty tubes.
- Made of 100% natural rubber.
- Suited for a range of all general purpose applications, including carrying as spare

Code Description
TUS18-110-140 Standard- 4.00,5.00x18
TUS18-100-110 Standard- 3.25,3.50,3.75x18
TUS19-100-110 Standard- 3.00,3.25,3.50x19
TUS16-90 Standard- 3.00,3.25,3.50x16
TUS21-80-90 Standard- 3.00,3.25x21
TUS19-70 Standard- 2.50,2.75x19
TUS17-70 Standard- 2.50,2.75x17
TUS14-60-90 Standard- 2.50,2.75,3.00x14
TUS 12 350 3.50x12
TUS 16 250 2.50x16
TUS 16 400 4.00x16
TUS 17 300 3.00x17
TUS 18 250 2.50x18
TUS 18 275 2.75x18
TUS 18 300 3.00x18