Mountain Hybrid

Hybrid Mid
25% Road – 75% Off-Road

Hybrid = DNA of a Trials tyre, with profile and handling of an
Off-Road tyre

Motoz Invented the Hybrid tyre concept in 2013. In 2014 Motoz won multiple Industry awards, including runner-up for Most Innovative Product of the Year at the 2014 AIM Expo.

  •  Construction like a trials tyre but with reinforced sidewalls to allow lower inflation pressure for off-road technical and mountainous terrain.
  • Unique Concave and Lock system for increased traction.
  • Flexible tread zone for awesome traction in wide variety of conditions.
  • Deeply siped tread blocks for extra trials-like grip.
  • Long wear life in technical terrain.
  • Reversible rear.

Available Sizes:

FRONT: 80/100-21 (51M)
REAR: 110/100-18 (64M), 120/100-18 (68M), 110/90-19 (62M)

Technical Data

Code (Description) Load / Speed / Type Homologation
TBB 80/100-21 51 R TT ECER75 / DOT
TBB 110/100-18 64 M TT ECER75 / DOT
TBB 120/100-18 68 M TT ECER75 / DOT
TBB 110/90-19 62 M TT ECER75 / DOT

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