Off-Road Desert
15% Road – 85% Off-Road

TRACTIONATOR DESERT H/T (Hard Terrain) is famous for dependable performance in extreme conditions and its ability to maintain traction off-road in wide open throttle high speed corners.

  • Unique tread design handles off-camber sections, ruts, hard braking at extreme lean angles.
  • Designed to handle hard terrain, fast rocky fire trails, gravel roads and desert hard pack with sandy variations
  • Features our legendary endurance proven 100% natural rubber compound that has been used in rallies and long distance events across the globe.

Available Sizes:

FRONT: 90/90-21 (54R)
REAR: 110/100-18 (64M), 130/90-18 (69M), 140/80-18 (70M), 110/90-19 (62M), 130/80-17 (65M)

Technical Data

Code (Description) Load / Speed / Type Homologation
TR 90/90-21 54 R TT ECER75 / DOT
TR 110/100-18 64 M TT ECER75 / DOT
TR 130/90-18 69 M TT ECER75 / DOT
TR 140/80-18 70 M TT ECER75 / DOT
TR 110/90-19 62 M TT ECER75 / DOT
TR 130/80-17 65 M TT ECER75 / DOT

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