If you’ve got the right bike, got the gear, got the GPS; these tyres are designed to get you anywhere on the globe and back home again.

  • Long mileage, serious traction and smooth transition from pavement to gravel to dirt, the GPS does it all.
  • Reversible rear to suit the rider’s needs – either 50/50 or Mostly Off-Road.
  • In 50/50 direction the GPS is a well behaved street-able tyre with smooth cornering transition from centre to cranked all the way over.
  • In Mostly Off-Road direction the aggressive straight line hook-up and cornering drive is engaged for better off-road traction.
  • Stronger carcass construction than other 50/50 adventure tyres provides world class performance with a high resistance to punctures
  • Deeper tread than most adventure tyres.
  • Unique Hybrid compound with Silica for long mileage and optimum grip in mud and snow.

Available Sizes:

FRONT: 110/80-19 (59 T), 120/70-19 (60 Q), 90/90-21 (54T),
REAR: 130/80-17 (65T), 150/70-17 (69T), 170/60-17 (72 Q), 140/80-18 (70T), 150/70-18 (70T)

Technical Data

Code (Description) Load / Speed / Type Homologation
TGPS 90/90-21 54 T TL DOT ECER75
TGPS 110/80B19 59 T TL DOT ECER75
TGPS 120/70B19 60 Q TL DOT ECER75
TGPS 130/80-17 65 T TL DOT ECER75
TGPS 150/70B17 69 T TL DOT ECER75
TGPS 170/60B17 72 Q TL DOT ECER75
TGPS 140/80B18 70 T TL DOT ECER75
TGPS 150/70B18 70 T TL DOT ECER75

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