High Performance Motorcycle Tyres
Designed with passion in Australia


“Tyres make the biggest difference to performance for the least expense”

MOTOZ is the craft beer of tyres – made by people with passion for their product, and made for riders who appreciate unique tyres of high quality.  Our designers and test riders are the same people. First and foremost we are dirt bike enthusiasts who love riding off road. We became frustrated with not being able to get motorcycle tyres that perform and give long wear mileage so we did something about it.

The result is the growing range of MOTOZ specialized enduro, desert, adventure, hybrid and motocross tyres, which we believe are the best quality high performance motorcycle tyres available.

MOTOZ tyres are made in Thailand in a privately owned factory that has been making motorcycle tyres for over 40 years. MOTOZ are the only off road tyres made by the factory. We own all the moulds and tooling required to produce our tyres the way we want them, and we own the intellectual property, patents and international trademarks associated with our range.
We use the best materials available to achieve the high standards that give our tyres exceptionally long wear life and durability, and the process is ISO9001:2008 quality assurance certified (BVQI) and audited by TUV Rheinland.

What’s the best way to choose a tyre for my motorcycle?

We have a pretty simple selection – Ask yourself these questions.

  • Will I be riding in  Soft? Hard? or bit of everything?   The answer will mean S/T, H/T or I/T.
  • Will I be riding off road or on a closed circuit / MX track?   The answer will mean Tractionator or Terrapactor.
  • Will I be riding extreme, like enduro cross or slow speed technical terrain a bit like trials riding on my off road bike?  Then the answer might be Hybrid.
  • Then choose the right size (consult your dealer or the bike owner’s manual for recommendation).

What S/T, H/T, I/T means?

S/T = Soft terrain (loose, sandy loam, pine forest, clay) great traction, shorter wear life.
I/T = Intermediate (mix of everything) all round traction, medium wear life.
H/T = Hard Terrain (gravel roads, rocky fire trails, hard pack desert and sand). Extreme.

In other words, Soft, Middle, Hard.

Motoz designers were pioneer’s in 3D tyre design enabling optimum simulation and analysis

Tractionator Adventure has been fine-tuned to increase traction and on-road stability while increasing off-road traction at higher Inflation pressures

"One of the best tires ever used."

Desert H/T
Devin (Arizona, USA)

"Great Traction in Australia."

Desert H/T
Dennis (NT, Australia)

"The biggest difference is in the wet, the Heidenau and Mitas let you know that they aren’t there for you 100%, but the MotoZ does."

Tractionator GPS
Paul (USA)